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Welcome to Madhaus. We’re a full-service production house that crafts impactful brand films through documentary-style storytelling.


Be it a brand, a product, a service, a campaign, or a series, we take a narrative approach to everything we do—partnering with you to create stories that inspire lasting connections with your audience, beyond the screen.

What it’s like to work with us?

In short, it’s inspiring, collaborative, and (if we’re doing it right) a lot of fun. We live and work by a few core principles, and seek out partners with whom these resonate:

Every voice matters.

Whether you’re a client, a crew member, a friend, or the person across the street, Madhaus honors the voice and perspective of every person we come in contact with. We believe stories have the power to change the world, and as storytellers, it’s our duty to be a lighthouse of empathy and respect.


Craft is a commitment. 

Creativity is a muscle, and the industry landscape is constantly shifting. We keep ourselves in a constant state of growth and work with people who invest in the art, technique, and continuous evolution of their craft. To get better and better every day.


Mistakes are necessary for expansion.

The human experience is messy by design. As people who live and breathe for what we do, we do our very best at every turn. But obstacles arise, things break, mistakes happen, Mercury goes retrograde. And it’s often in those moments we grow the most.


Truth is plural. 

What’s true for each of us is the culmination of our lived experiences. And no two are the same. It’s why there are so many stories to tell. At the heart of everything we do—from strategy to production to client collaboration—is open-mindedness, authenticity, and a responsibility to preserve the integrity of your vision.


So, who exactly is “us?”

Madhaus Studios started, like so many do, around a kitchen table. Mads and Marisa, a wife-and-wife creative duo, have decades of combined backgrounds in marketing and film, and a shared passion for telling provocative stories. They built Madhaus on the alchemy of formalized study, learn-as-you-go mastery of the craft, and trust-your-gut intuition.


Our crews come together based on the unique needs of each project, and if you stick with us long enough, you’ll see a few familiar faces again and again.

Meet the Team

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